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We are a YMCA Affliliated Program, Christian values are the basis of our organization and please remember these in our activities in all that you do, say and act upon.





If the pool is open, we swim. Although you may not think about it, do remember that indoor pools may closed due to lightning, mechanical problems, no lifeguards or if there are swim meets. Please call the YMCA Aquatic Center (803) 817.7665 ahead of time if you are unsure if the facility is available.


Choose a lane and/or section with swimmers of about the same ability. If two or more people are using a the same lane, circle swim - stay to the right as though you are driving down the street, return on the opposite side of the lane.

For most drills, repeats start approximately 5 seconds after the swimmer in front of you.


If you complete the set before the others in your lane, move to the side of the lane, so others have room to get to the wall and turn.


If you arrive late, jump in, do your warm up and then join in on the set the other swimmers in your lane or area are already on.


If someone is trying to pass you, stop at the end of the pool and let them follow through. Proper etiquette is to tap the person you would like to pass on their toes to let them know you are behind them and that you would like to pass them. (no need to grab any ankles) Do let others pass if your foot is tapped.  Be considerate and keep your pace when you pass someone, playing yo-yo in the pool passing is inconsiderate.


Coached work-outs will have a coach on deck with a set workout. Workouts will be emailed to TRI-101 members weekly and available on the website. If you choose to do your own workout during these sessions, please pick a lane that does not have a coached swimmer in it. The workouts will also help if you are unable to attend a coached session. Many of the local YMCA's have pools. Check the schedule for availablitiy.



Road cycling can be a dangerous activity. Knowing and understanding these rules and terms of etiquette will help everyone on the ride be as safe out on the road as possible.

• Obey the all rules of the road. Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities of other    vehicles on the road. This includes stopping at all red lights and stop signs and riding the same direction and lane as motorized traffic. Stay to the right.
• Communicate with each other both verbally and through the use of hand signals and be sure to 
relay those communications all the way through the pack. A few of these are:

1. Point out obstacles such as "crack", "hole", "gravel", etc...
2. Yell out for cars behind "car back", in front "car up", or approaching to the side "car right/car left".
3. Call out when "slowing" and "stopping".
4. Call out when intersections are "clear" to proceed.

• All riders must wear a properly fitting helmet and should never wear earphones.
• Stay out of aerobars unless you are in the front.
• Pass only the left - first glance back, signal, then call out "on your left" before you pass 
other riders. This means don't pass on the right or up the middle.
• Stay straight, don’t weave and avoid overlapping wheels with the rider in front of you.
• Always carry ID and it is a ideal to carry a mobile phone.
• Be visible, wear brightly colored clothing. If riding at night, use the proper lighting equipment.
• Don't littter - properly dispose of your trash. If you drop something (trash, water bottle), in

order to pick it up, inform the riders around you that you are braking, gently brake, and get to the right. Stay to the right until all riders pass before retrieving whatever item you dropped.

• Should a flat occur, let the riders around you that you are stopping, slowly apply your brakes,

and get to the right. Stay to the right until all riders pass prior to getting off to fix the flat.
• Prior to spitting or “farmer blowing” (if you don't know, 
don't ask) check for riders behind you.

• Pay attention to the route. If you are on the intermediate ride, it is each rider’s responsibility to learn the route. If this does not suit, ride with the no-drop. 




Members are responsible for checking ROCK TRI CLUB website concerning weather/upcoming changes or announcements.  Should inclement weather occur during a group workout, it is the responsibility of the member to make their own judgment call to continue the workout or not.


Each person should know the locations of the run workouts, the workout, have their own fueling & water/replacement fluids needs, and be aware of run etiquette for all group workouts as well as to learn safety rules and self-defense.


It is recommended to wear reflective outer wear, safety light (if at night), head/sun protection such as hat, visor, sunscreen, eye gear and to wear appropriate running attire.




Be considerate of others. Always run on the right unless you are passing someone. Be very careful passing others, as another runner, cyclist or person (roller blades) could be passing you and you could get run over by them. Never run more than two abreast when you are with a group. If you are in a particularly busy area, run single file and do not force other runners, pedestrians or cyclists off of the path. On a track, the inside lanes are for the fastest runners. Remember not to stop suddenly in the middle of a run.  Always look both ways—at least twice—before entering or exiting a path, when you are approaching intersections and at drinking fountains. Never litter.  





A Club Coach will get group workouts started. If a Club Coach is unable to attend, someone in attendance shall be informed prior to that session. The website schedule should have this information posted as well.

If incident/accidents occur during a workout, it must be reported to the Club Coach and/or the Rock Tri Club Director.


Consumption of alcohol is not allowed during group workouts regardless of age of member - nor are non-prescribed drugs, performance enhancing drugs, or other substances that might be dangerous or detrimental to the participant’s (or another member's) health.


All members have an obligation to refrain from actions and behavior that may jeopardize themselves or other club members. The club reserves the right to remove participants from workouts or the programs for actions/behavior that are deemed dangerous to themselves and/or other club members. If members does not meet the standards as determined by a Club Coach or the Club Director, the member will be asked to leave the workout. If the problem persists, the member may be asked to not attend the workouts.  No refunds will be given. TRI-101 and the YMCA are not responsible for accidents/incidents occurred during group workouts.